Emax X1

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Emax X1

  1. USB cable and HDMI Connection
  2. Runs All Oculus Software
  3. 110° Field Of View
  4. 3 Point Head Strap
  5. 75 Hx Refresh Rate
  6. Soft Face Padding
  7. High-End Hardware
  8. Quad HD Display
  9. Truly Wireless
  10. Lightweight


“…better tech than the Oculus Rift!”

The Emax X1 is made by China-based VR company Emax. The Emax X1 looks amazing in terms of stats and has some real high-end hardware specifications.

With a quad HD display, 60 Hertz refresh rate and a wide 110° field of view it seems to be better tech than the Oculus Rift! But it’s all about the software and they tell us all Oculus software will run on their VR headset! Sounds like the stuff of VR dreams. We will let you know more when we discover it ourselves.


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