EVA 3D Glasses



“…it is this foam design that makes this a much better headset to wear.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: EVA 3D Glasses

  1. Suckers To Hold Phone In Place
  2. Augmented Reality Camera Hole
  3. Works With Most Smartphones
  4. Soft Durable Construction
  5. Magnet Control Button
  6. Soft Cloth Insides
  7. 3 Point Headstrap
  8. Plastic Lenses
  9. Simple Design
  10. Lightweight

EVA 3D Glasses

Made by Andoer the EVA 3D Glasses headset comes in a nice variety of colours and styles that should be enough to suit most peoples personalisation preferences. It might be made from a very lightweight foam, but it is still the same shape and design as the original Google Cardboard. But it is this foam design that makes this a much better headset to wear.

It includes the magnet switch on the side (When you slide the magnets, with the change of the magnetic field, you can control the games or applications) and a popper activated smartphone flap. The soft cloth inside is also what will wrap up your phone like a soft blanket while you are in VR. Sure, it is not that exciting in terms of difference but they do at least bring something new to the table for use to try.


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