EVR01 VR (All-in-One VR Headset)



“…for just $80 it could be well worth a go!”

Please note: This first look preview is based on marketing talk and press released pictures. The product that you receive once they are available might not represent exactly what you see here and we at the VR Shop are not in any way responsible for this.

Features We Know So Far…

  • Rockchip RK3126 Quad Core Cortex A7 Processor
  • 1gb DDR3 System Memory
  • 8gb Flash Storage
  • Micro SD Slot
  • 1280 X 720 Resolution
  • Aspherical Lenses
  • 90° Degrees Field of View
  • Made From Highly Transparent Resin
  • Both Wifi and Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity
  • 3.5 mm Audio Output
  • Micro USB 2.0 Port
  • Gravity and Acceleration Sensors
  • Adjustable Headband
  • Control Keys: Home, Return, Volume, Power, Reset, Ok, and Arrows
  • 5v/2a Power
  • 2,200 Mah Lithium Ion Polymer Battery
  • Runs Android 5.1


First Look Preview : More and more Chinese VR headset manufacturers are trying to get in on the Low-end VR experience game and this new headset the EVR01 VR is as low-end as it gets. But for just $80 it could be well worth a go! We do have one on the way and when it gets here we will be testing it to death and back. While the stats for it are not amazing they are not much lower than the average smartphone, so we will have to reserve judgment until it gets here.


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