“…it looks good for it and comes across and very sleek and stylish.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Fibrum

  1. Side And Top Head Straps For Support
  2. Compatible With Hundreds Of Apps
  3. Perfect For Watching 3d Videos
  4. Offers A Great VR Experience
  5. Chunky, Soft Padded Headset
  6. Works With Most Smartphones
  7. Runs Google Cardboard Apps
  8. Up To 6-inches Screen Size
  9. Stereoscopic Views
  10. Affordable


Once again we are faced with a phone mounted virtual reality headset that doesn’t offer anything extra over others on the market. But that doesn’t mean this Russian made headset is bad, in fact it is really well made and is sold in 4 different styles: Fibrum Ultra, Fibrum Pro, Fibrum Black, Fibrum Lite, but that has now been knocked down to just 2 the Fibrum Pro & Fibrum Combo Pack options (the only difference is the Fibrum Combo Pack comes with a Bluetooth controller.)

First seen at the DevGamm gaming conference in Belarus it looked like a very much 3D printed headset, but this is run by a developer of VKontakte Russias largest social network, so it does have some good businesses pedigree. If fact, it looks good for it and comes across and very sleek and stylish. Add to this their apps are some of the best on the Google Play store.


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