“…FullDive is a much better option.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: FullDive

  1. Works with all Google Cardboard apps
  2. Comes with software development kit
  3. Click magnet (useless for iPhones)
  4. Small, medium or large head straps
  5. Comfortable on head and face
  6. Unique wand controller
  7. Changeable phone cases
  8. Truly affordable
  9. Watch 3D videos
  10. Adjustable IPDs


If you asked someone what the cheapest option was for a phone mounted, VR headset, most people would say “Google Cardboard” but for roughly the same price the FullDive is a much better option. It’s well made, comfortable to wear and comes with a unique wand controller, just like Harry Potter!

Apart from the sensor wand controller the FullDive doesn’t offer anything drastically new on the phone mounted headset market, but it does do it so much better than all the best! The company’s policy is to bring VR to the masses in an affordable way, and it has done that, and looked darn good doing it as well.

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