“…you will be crying out for mobile VR headsets like the GLASOO.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: GLASOO

  1. Optimised for a Bluetooth controller
  2. Works with all Google Cardboard apps
  3. Optimised for mobile headsets
  4. Easily adjustable head straps
  5. Optical quality lenses
  6. Soft face cushion
  7. Adjustable lenses
  8. Adjustable focus
  9. Truly affordable
  10. Watch 3D videos


People complain about just how many smartphone mounted virtual reality headsets there are on the market, with what seems like a new one seeking crowd funding each and every day. But smartphone HMD’s are good if you only want a quick fix of VR. Maybe watch a movie trailer in 3D or a quick virtual reality game! They are simply not designed for long-term use and while Oculus rift and many other headsets claim to have got rid of this problem some people that are more sensitive to feeling dizzy from slow latency will still suffer from more expensive headsets.

But smartphones will get better at it, and when they do you will be crying out for mobile VR headsets like the GLASOO. It feels comfortable, is well made and designed plus it works with a wide range of smartphones! It doesn’t have anything over other smartphone HMD’s but it doesn’t need them!



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