“…it’s not quite luxury, but it is also not cheap.”


Top 10 Key Selling Points: GLAXXES M2

  1. Side Gaps For Headphones and Ventilation
  2. Push Button Latch To Keep Phone In
  3. Runs Most Google Cardboard Apps
  4. Adjustable 3 Point Head Strap
  5. Front Pannel Hole For AR Apps
  6. Hard Rubber Face Padding
  7. Wide High-Quality Lenses
  8. Strong Plastic Design
  9. 98° Field Of View
  10. No Need For IPD


The GLAXXES M2 mobile VR headset falls into the medium category of price and that is often a huge mistake. So it’s not quite luxury, but it is also not cheap. Unfortunately, GLAXXES M2 looks cheap and there is no logical reason why they are not a lot cheaper in price. Having said that they do claim it has a 98° field of view!

Putting the price aside for a while it is a great headset that looks and feels well made. It sure does have good quality lenses that are big enough to not need IPD. But this will not work for everyone and wearing glasses with this headset is not possible. OK, so the face padding and the phone button catch are both good quality but overall this is not worth the asking price. But if that dropped by about 50% this could be on of the best prices headsets available. But for now, it is best to wait before buying it.

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