Go4D C1-Glass



“If you like a life without clutter this is the headset for you. ”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Go4D C1-Glass

  1. Compatible apps available on Google Play store
  2. Works with most Android & iOS smartphones
  3. Compatible with up to 6-inch screen displays
  4. Google Cardboard Matrix code
  5. Adjustable pupil distance
  6. Recommended for children
    Dedicated apps store
  7. Tough plastic body
  8. Easy focus lens
  9. Free carry case

Go4D C1-Glass

We have already seen a phone mounted headset from Go4D before, but this time they are back with the C1-Glass. The Wearality SKY was another phone mounted virtual reality headset that stripped bare what was needed to make a phone headset work, but Go4D have taken it to a whole new level. The Go4D C1-Glass is a striped down, bare minimalistic phone mounted virtual reality headset. If you like a life without clutter this is the headset for you.

Despite it having a bare bones design, it does come in a rather cool looking peddle case. Unfolding the arms just like a pair of glasses it looks and feels like a very sturdy design and it’s not short on features! You can watch any side by side content in full 3D meaning you can also watch 3D films, it also has easy focus and adjustable lens! The icing on the cake that it’s truly affordable.

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