Goblin VR



“…it looks high end but hopefully doesn’t come with the high-end price tag.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Goblin VR

  1. Massively Improved Field Of View
  2. 35mm Diameter Aspherical Lenses
  3. Folds Flat To Just 16mm Depth
  4. Truly Pocket-Sized Dimensions
  5. Interpupillary Distance Dial
  6. 75 MM Tall, 140 MM Width
  7. 4 Way Retractable Straps
  8. Precise Lens Focus Wheel
  9. Soft Padded Face Mount
  10. Quick Close Buttons

Goblin VR

The Goblin VR is a flat-folding smartphone mounted virtual reality headset very much the same as Pinc VR & Pinch VR. Only this time it is simply designed to fold flat, not as a smartphone cover but as a standalone device. With a nice range of colours & styles, there is also something personal about it as well.

The other amazing thing about this headset is its build quality! Made from Neoprene Close Cell Fabric it looks high end but hopefully doesn’t come with the high-end price tag. With the quick folding and releasing Fully retractable, spring loaded side and top straps it looks like a much better design than the Pinch VR. As per usual it works like any other phone mounted VR headset. It’s compatible with a massive range of smartphones and Android VR apps.

They are on kickStarter right now so please fo support them: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1274647424/goblin-vr-launches-fully-immersive-pocket-sized-vr



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