Hipivot Mobile VR Controller

Box Weight: 156 g
Box Hight Size: 3 cm
Box Width Size: 9 cm
Box Length Size: 15 cm

Controller Weight: 68 g (With Batteries)
Controller Hight Size: 2 cm
Controller Width Size: 3.5 cm
Controller Length Size: 12 cm


“Hipivot have walked up to Google and kicked them in the nuts.”

Please note: Box weight, size and contents might not represent your own product as sometimes different sellers use their own packaging and often include extra items like wipes, cloths or other promotional materials.

Packaging Presentation & First Impressions: While the box it comes in is small it looks really professional. With a nice gold shining silhouette of the handset and some basic information, it has all you need without being retail friendly. Opening the box you see the foam casing it is nested in and overall I would say it was well protected and nicely presented. From the moment you first pick it up in your hand, you instantly know this has been made for use in VR.

What is it Like To Use in VR: While it only seems to work with it’s own app it works amazingly well and doesn’t need a front open AR panel to work like many other mobile VR motion controllers. It feels great to hold, well weighted and very responsive.

Cost At Time of Review: £23 (=$30)
Left Control Stick: No
Right Control Stick: No
Directional pad (D-pad): Yes
Number of Face Buttons: 2
Left Trigger: No
Right Trigger: No
Left Bumper: No
Right Bumper: No
Start Button: Yes
Back / Select Button: Yes
Additional Buttons: N/A
Batteries Or Charge Powered: Batteries X2 AAA
Restart Button: No
Smartphone Holder: No
Wireless Connection: Bluetooth 3.0 HID
Android Compatible: Yes
IOS Compatible: No

Final Verdict: Let’s get the negative points out of the way first. This controller only works with its own app if used on a non-Daydream smartphone, there is sadly no volume control and it only works with Android devices at the moment. OK, now all those are out the way let me tell you why I feel Hipivot have walked up to Google and kicked them in the nuts.

Google was banging the Daydream hype drum for ages, telling everyone it was going to change mobile VR forever. But then they released a pretty average headset with a great motion controller that at the time only worked with a single phone! All the money Google have, all the research and development and Hipivot have come along and showed them how it should have been done! There was clearly no reason for Daydream apps to only work on a Daydream phone (apart from the slightly enhanced graphical component).

This controller works with any smartphone with Android 4.4.2 or higher and while it does only work on its own apps it works very well indeed and feels amazing. It makes each game it works with even more immersive and exciting. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it works just as well as a Google Daydream controller! Only without the stupidly expensive phone.

Now please don’t get me wrong here. I am not saying that this will replace Google Daydream apps, in fact with works amazingly well with them. What I am saying is there should have been a halfway stepping stone with Daydream and all other mobile VR smartphones. This is what Google should have come up with. Allowing people to experience VR with a motion controller is a great way to show them how immersive mobile VR can be. Lucky for us Hipivot have stepped up to the plate and delivered something that pretty much all mobile VR users can use. I just hope the games and apps keep coming.


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