HoloSeer AR

Top 10 Key Selling Points: HoloSeer AR

  1. Image, Speech and Gesture Recognition
  2. Stream Media Via Wifi or Bluetooth
  3. Built in Large Capacity Battery
  4. Low Absorption Translucent Lens
  5. World’s Cheapest AR headset
  6. Eye, Head and Voice Control
  7. Runs Both AR and VR Apps
  8. Runs On Android
  9. Lightweight
  10. 100° FOV


“…the world’s first smartphone mounted dedicated AR headset.”

The HoloSeer AR is not just a dedicated augmented reality headset, it is also able to run some virtual reality aspects as well. Made by Shenzhen CAPUTER LABS (Chi cap Technology) it is an AR and VR immersive holographic headset that uses your smartphone as a projector display. Yes, this is the world’s first smartphone mounted dedicated AR headset.

The most impressive aspect of this headset is the groundbreaking 100° FOV which makes both the Microsoft HoloLens and Google Glass screens look like retro game ‘n’ watch! It will also be the cheapest AR headset ever made mostly thanks to the use of the smartphone as the display. They seem to be having a few issues over on Kickstarter, but we hope they get it sorted soon as this could be the answer to a lot of AR’s problems.


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