Horus Lite VR Glasses (Mobile VR Headset)



“…quite a unique way of holding the smartphone in the cradle.”

AKA: “Horus Lite Flex” OR “Horus VR 3D”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Horus Lite VR Glasses

  1. Works With Most Google Cardboard Apps
  2. Works With Smartphones 4″ ~ 5.7″
  3. High-Quality Aspherical Lense
  4. Independent Pupil Adjustment
  5. Unique Phone Locking Method
  6. Well Made And Designed
  7. 96° Field Of View
  8. Can Be Customized
  9. Lightweight
  10. Affordable

Horus Lite VR Glasses

The Horus Lite VR Glasses & the Horus Lite Flex are both Vietnamese made mobile VR headsets with quite a unique way of holding the smartphone in the cradle. The strap on the front that holds the phone in place is actually part of the head strap! This simple, pull and insert method might give it the edge in an every growing mobile VR market. The really good news is the Horus Lite VR Glasses is not just a one trick pony, it has quite a few good features.

The Horus Lite range was the first virtual reality glasses from Vietnam and has grown and developed over time. Made by RNG it has most the features you expect these days like IPD adjustment and Focus adjustment all housed withing a headset that doesn’t look a million miles away from the VRIZZMO series of headsets. Apparently we are trying to get one sent to us as I type this as we will probably let you know a lot more about it once it comes.


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