Intel RealSense VR HMD



“…better than your average mobile VR viewer.”


Top 10 Key Selling Points: Intel RealSense

  1. Made To Work With Intel’s RealSense camera
  2. Works With Project Tango Smartphone
  3. Easy Access To Headphones Socket
  4. Runs Most Google Cardboard Apps
  5. Open Front Pannel for AR Apps
  6. 3 Point Adjustable Headstrap
  7. Sort Leather Face Padding
  8. Made From Strong Plastic
  9. Large Fresnel Lens
  10. Well Ventilated

Intel RealSense VR HMD

The Intel RealSense VR HMD is all part of Intel’s work on Project Tango. The mobile virtual reality headset is said to be not as good as Samsungs Gear VR, but better than your average mobile VR viewer. Said to work with the Project Tango smartphone Intel is considering giving the HMD away for free along with the smartphone dev kit!

Both this headset and the Project Tango smartphone are both in the early strangest of development, but we will keep you posted with more news as it comes to us.

For even more info on the HMD visit here:,31272.html

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