JHB 3D Glasses (VR Mirror)



“…this is one very vibrant looking smartphone VR headset.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: JHB 3D Glasses (VR Mirror)

  1. Suckers To Hold Phone In Place
  2. Adjustable 3 Point Headstrap
  3. Made Of Good Quality Plastic
  4. Good Quality Biconvex Lenses
  5. Works With Most Smartphones
  6. Adjustable Pupil Distance
  7. Adjustable Distance Focus
  8. Comes With Disc Of Games
  9. Looks Vibrant & Unusual
  10. Soft Face Padding

JHB 3D Glasses (VR Mirror)

This headset is one of those Chinese imports that doesn’t seem to have a set name. Some call it the Vr Mirror (because that is what it says on the box) and others call it the JHB 3D Glasses headset because JHB is its name. No matter what you call it this is one very vibrant looking smartphone VR headset.

It comes with some nice features attached. The suckers to hold the phone, the adjustable focal and pupil distance and a nice 3 point head strap and soft face padding. Another nice feature is this is the only headset that we know of that comes with a disc containing hundreds of games. Sure they are only android downloads, but it’s still a nice touch. All in all, it is a well-designed headset made from strong plastic that should not break easily. For the price, it is a stylish headset that gets the job done. But very little in the way of innovation.


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  1. joseph carmine nero

    does it support google cardboard apps?

    • The VR Shop

      Most of them, but not ones that require the magnet button to be pushed.

      • joseph carmine nero

        Thanks a lot.what if I use a controler?would they work then?

        • The VR Shop

          Yeah, any Bluetooth controller will counteract the lack of switch nicely.

          • joseph carmine nero

            Thanks again for quick info

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