L and M 3D Glasses



“…a super posh version of Google cardboard.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: L and M 3D Glasses

  1. Works With All Google Cardboard Apps
  2. Hole For Augmented Reality Camera
  3. Suckers To Hold In Smartphone
  4. Works With Most Smartphones
  5. Velcro Locked Phone Flap
  6. Soft & Comfortable
  7. Double Convex Lens
  8. 3 Point Headstrap
  9. Magnet NFC Switch
  10. Lightweight

L and M 3D Glasses

If you hate the feel of cold, hard cardboard against your skin you will probably not enjoy the Google Cardboard headset. Some people have softer, more sensitive skin and that is where the L and M 3D Glasses come into it. The “L & M” part of this device is not the company name or the designers initials. They are the first letter of the material it is made from “Leather & Microfiber”. Yep, this really is a super posh version of Google cardboard. It feels better in the hands and much better against your face while wearing it.

It’s a good spin on the original design and we suppose it was inevitable that there was going to be headsets made from various things. But making one from Leather & Microfiber might be taking things a little too far! At least it is still affordable and it does offer a good VR experience which is the most important thing.

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