Lenovo VR Goggles



“…challenging Samsung to a virtual reality headset showdown.”


Top 10 Key Selling Points: Lenovo VR Goggles

  1. Removable Facial For Augmented Reality Apps
  2. Adjustable Screen Distance
  3. Comes With Microfiber Wipe
  4. Soft, Rubber Face Cover
  5. Clips To Hold In Phone
  6. Metallic Case Shutter
  7. Adjustable Lens Focus
  8. 3 Point Head Strap
  9. Adjustable Straps
  10. Well Packaged

Lenovo VR Goggles

To be fair to Lenovo, their smartphones are getting better and better with each passing generation and now they are “putting up their dukes” and challenging Samsung to a virtual reality headset showdown. Made especially for Lenovo smartphones (although you could probably get other brands into it) it looks like a great headset. We have been a little confused to see them also selling ANTVR TAW‘s as their own headset, but maybe that was just for the TechWorld event in Beijing.

Taking a look at the headset itself, it seems to have a very similar build to the VR shinecon. With independent pupil adjustment, focus distance adjustment and some good quality lenses, face padding and a strong overall design (with their logo all over the material front panel) No sign of any internal electronics meaning it doesn’t seem to be much threat to Samsung’s Gear VR as they are threatening. But still, it looks good and we can wait to try one when it is released later on this year.


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