LeVR Cool 1 (Awesome 1)



“It does come from a good pedigree…”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: LeVR Cool 1 (Awesome 1)

  1. Independent Pupil Distance Adjustment
  2. Supports Most Google Cardboard Apps
  3. Supports Screen Sizes 4.7″ to 5.5″
  4. 3 Point Adjustable Head Straps
  5. Adjustable Focus Distance
  6. Antifogging Coating Lens
  7. Adjustable Lens Cones
  8. 90° Field Of View
  9. Fashionable Design
  10. Soft Phone Holder

LeVR Cool 1 (Awesome 1)

It was back in December last year that we broke the news that LETV was releasing a mobile VR headset and we are finally able to bring it to you. This is the LEVR cool 1 (AKA: awesome 1) phone mounted virtual reality headset. It comes from a good pedigree because LETV are best known in china for running online video services which means they should know a thing or two about streaming and visual quality. The “LEVR” part of the name stands for “learning enhanced by virtual reality” representing that they have some sort of educational ideas for it.

The headset has the quality that we were expecting. Putting it firmly in the mid-range price bracket is has fully adjustable lenses, focus and pupil distance as well as some high-quality features like antifogging coated lens and air-flow face padding. While it is made for the LeVR 5.5inch Pro1 smartphone, it will also support a wide range of other headsets. We have one on the way apparently and will let you know what we think in a full review very soon.


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