Luxexcel VR



“…unique 3D printed lenses built into the design.”


Top 10 Key Selling Points: Luxexcel VR

  1. Works With Smartphones 3,5” up to 6”
  2. Works With All Google Cardboard Apps
  3. No Needs For Adjustable Lenses
  4. Could Also Be Nose Measured
  5. Prescription Printed Lenses
  6. Fast Printing and Delivery
  7. Elasticated Headstrap
  8. Crystal Clear View
  9. Sort Face Padding
  10. Ultra Wide FOV

Luxexcel VR

VR 101: “To create this wide field of view the display that shows the virtual images either needs to be very big or be very close to your eyes. Since the former isn’t very practical the latter is often preferred in virtual reality headsets.” Sadly the truth is some people not able to focus on a screen that is too close, no matter what quality the lenses are. That is where the Luxexcel VR comes into it. According to the marketing department, this headset will excel in giving the user the best possible VR experience by maximising their field of view. This effect will be done thanks to this headsets unique 3D printed lenses built into the design.

We are not quite sure how this might work, but by analysing a user’s eye socket shape, interpupillary distance and eye defects a customised optical design can be generated that will give the users the most optimal experience possible! Yes, this is a headset and lenses that are designed for you and you alone. In theory, this would mean people with glasses can have a headset made to match their prescription. The idea is amazing and we wish them all the best with it. As more news breaks on this unique headset, we will bring it to you.

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