M8D VR Headset



“It’s a handy and convenient headset…”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: M8D VR Headset

  1. Works With Smartphones Up To 3” To 6” In Size
  2. Quickly Collapses Into A Self-contained Case
  3. Elastic Straps For Hands-free Use
  4. Fits Into Your Pocket Or Purse
  5. Innovative Suction Technology
  6. Adjustable Optical Lenses
  7. Water & Coffee Resistant
  8. Compact & Lightweight
  9. Durable & Reliable
  10. Easy To Use

M8D VR Headset

The team at M8D have decided to take the Google Cardboard design to the next level and have come up with a cool design cardboard headset that then folds flat as a pancake and can be placed inside your back pocket.

To be fair to them it is much stronger and sturdier than a normal cardboard headset as well as a range of nice features like adjustable headsets and IPD. It does fit nicely priced into the quick and convenient folder of mobile VR headset. If you wanted something you could take out and watch a 360 video quick or play a quick VR game this might well be the headset for you. It’s a handy and convenient headset that is for sure, but not that much more than your basic Google Cardboard design.


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