MAD Glass

Top 10 Key Selling Points: MAD Glass

  1. Transforms Traditional 2D Graphics Into a 3D Experience
  2. Uses The World’s Most Advanced AR Technology
  3. Runs On Android Mobile Operating System
  4. All The Functions of a Smartphone
  5. Multi-Touch And Voice Control
  6. Built-in Microphone and GPRS
  7. Comes In a Range Of Styles
  8. Longer Battery Life
  9. Good Range of Apps
  10. Easy-To-Use


“They claim it is the world’s most advanced smart glass…”

The world of wearable augmented reality tech is getting more and more crowded, but that is a good thing as it takes more and more for a headset to stand out of the crowd. So has the MAD Glass got what it takes to stand out? They claim it is the world’s most advanced smart glass & ecosystem! But it does seem limited to just a few applications.

The biggest problem Google Glass had was the price and a lack of good software. If the MAD Glass team can get those 2 issues sorted then we are sure this will do very well indeed.


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