MagiMent 3D Headset VR (VR Viewer)



“…a good job of delivering VR on the go.”

Please note: This first look preview is based on marketing talk and press released pictures. The product that you receive once they are available might not represent exactly what you see here and we at the VR Shop are not in any way responsible for this.

Features We Know So Far…

  • Compact and Portable
  • Lightweight (50.4g)
  • Fits Iphone 6 and 6s Only
  • HD Optical Resin Lenses
  • Works With Most Google Cardboard Apps
  • Just 14mm Thick
  • Works With 3D Movies
  • Comes With Headstrap

MagiMent 3D Headset VR

First Look Preview : We have seen several folding mobile VR headsets in the past and the latest ones like the VR Case do a good job of delivering VR on the go. So what makes the MagiMent 3D Headset VR any different? Well, it does at least have a head strap and what looks like some good quality lenses. As always we have one on its way and will review it the moment it gets here.


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