Microsoft HoloLens

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Microsoft HoloLens
<li>Big Name Games Like Halo And Minecraft</li>
<li>Full Integration With Window 10 System</li>
<li>Natural Feeling System And Interaction</li>
<li>Ability To Use Your Hands To Interface</li>
<li>Both Voice And Gesture Control</li>
<li>Ultra High Hologram Resolution</li>
<li>Like Having A PC On Your Face</li>
<li>Very High Build Quality</li>
<li>Comfortable Fitting</li>
<li>Spatial Sound</li>



“…this is an augmented reality like you have never seen before…”

While many firms concentrate on virtual reality systems Microsoft believes their holographic augmented reality system is the way to go. But this is an augmented reality like you have never seen before, with high-resolution holograms appearing on scenery like walls and surfaces right before your eyes.

Use your body and hand movements, vision, and voice to interact with the content and information you see it feels very natural thanks to the world’s most advanced holographic computer built into the headset. While it does play games its real merits lay in its ability to show practical tools and media engagement of daily life. With this system, you will no longer need a TV, as you could just project one onto any surface in full HD!


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