Mocute 050 Gamepad

Box Weight: 216 g
Box Hight Size: 6 cm
Box Width Size: 11 cm
Box Length Size: 16 cm

Controller Weight: 134 g
Controller Hight Size: 5 cm
Controller Width Size: 9 cm
Controller Length Size: 14 cm


“…a well balanced, all round good controller that will tick most of everyone’s boxes.”

Please note: Box weight, size and contents might not represent your own product as sometimes different sellers use their own packaging and often include extra items like wipes, cloths or other promotional materials.

Packaging Presentation & First Impressions: While not arriving in much more than a brown box it does have a nice image of the headset and full specs to read. Inside of that, there is a plastic try that the headset is nested in. Getting it out of the try it feels like a pretty good headset. While a little cheap to the touch, it feels well weighted, the buttons are well raised and tactile and it even has all the buttons and control sticks you might need.

What is it Like To Use in VR: I didn’t find it too bad. I knew where the control sticks were, and the buttons felt nice and tactile. The only thing I would have liked is the whole controller a little heavier and the controls better spaced out. Other than that it very good indeed.

Cost At Time of Review: £11 (=$14)
Left Control Stick: Yes
Right Control Stick: Yes
Directional pad (D-pad): Yes
Number of Face Buttons: 4
Left Trigger: Yes
Right Trigger: Yes
Left Bumper: Yes
Right Bumper: Yes
Start Button: Yes
Back / Select Button: Yes
Additional Buttons: Power and ‘M’
Batteries Or Charge Powered: Charge Powered
Restart Button: No
Smartphone Holder: Yes
Wireless Connection: Bluetooth 3.0 HID
Android Compatible: Yes
IOS Compatible:Yes

Final Verdict: The Mocute 050 Gamepad feels pretty good, but not perfect. The griped sided are definitely welcomed and it does feel well weighted (if a little on the light side). The biggest problem is how cramped the whole set-up feels. Everything just feels a little too close together. But other than those little niggles this is a well balanced, all round good controller that will tick most of everyone’s boxes.


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