Moga Game On Gamepad (00:1E:B5:09:D9:20)

Box Weight:261 g
Box Height Size: 4 cm
Box Width Size: 14 cm
Box Length Size: 19 cm

Controller Weight: 125 g (Without Batteries)
Controller Height Size: 2 cm
Controller Width Size: 9 cm
Controller Length Size: 12 cm


“…the perfect purchase for us VR gamers.”

Please note: Box weight, size and contents might not represent your own product as sometimes different sellers use their own packaging and often include extra items like wipes, cloths or other promotional materials.

Packaging Presentation & First Impressions: To be fair the Moga Game On Gamepad comes in a very consumer friendly box. With all the info and buzz words you need to read and a nice image of the gamepad set against a see-through plastic top showing off the headset. Moga clearly knows it looks good and is willing to show it off. Holding in my hands for the first time I have to say I was really impressed by it. It felt good, nice rubber gripping and all the buttons seemed to be within easy reach. The whole gamepad feels and looks like a premium quality product and for the price that is quite surprising.

What is it Like To Use in VR: Just for once, I found that it was the right weight to be noticeable in the hands. At first, it wasn’t, but inserting the batteries brings it much closer to the perfect weight. I have to confess that I also thought the control sticks and buttons were going to be too small to be tactile enough for my liking, but as with the weight issue, I found that this simply wasn’t the case. While the buttons could have been slightly bigger and the control sticks raised higher overall I was very happy with how it felt whole in VR, I easily navigated the buttons and found control stick responsive and quick.

Cost At Time of Review: £10(=$13)
Left Control Stick: Yes
Right Control Stick: Yes
Directional pad (D-pad): No
Number of Face Buttons: 4
Left Trigger: No
Right Trigger: No
Left Bumper: Yes
Right Bumper: Yes
Start Button: Yes
Back / Select Button: Yes
Additional Buttons: N/A
Batteries Or Charge Powered: Batteries (X2 AAA)
Restart Button: Yes
Smartphone Holder: Yes
Wireless Connection: Bluetooth 3.0 HID
Android Compatible: Yes
IOS Compatible:No

Final Verdict: While it did take quite a few phones before we found one that it connected with that is mostly our own fault for not reading that it only works with Android 2.3 or lower. For the price, I really do think this is a great purchase. It feels great in VR, looks good anyway and even comes with a nice carry case to slip it into your pocket ready for on the go gameplay. Sure it’s not perfect and doesn’t support Ios but for the money, it is the perfect purchase for us VR gamers (provided you have the right operating system).


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