Moggles V2



“…almost enough to make us VR nerds weep with joy!”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Moggles V2

  1. Openings For Charging Port And Headphones
  2. Only 40 mm Thick In Folded State
  3. Front Hatch For Augmented Reality
  4. Several Improved Features
  5. Adjustable IPD Settings
  6. Can Fit In Your Pocket
  7. Comes With A Hard Case
  8. Wide Field Of View
  9. Large 35 Mm Lens
  10. Fresh New Look

Moggles V2

Looking back on the original Moggles design it’s hard to see where this headset has come from. If this headset was once the original Moggles it was taken out back by Gucci and given a makeover of epic proportions. And the add to that the fact that it can be folded down into something no bigger than a glasses case is almost enough to make us VR nerds weep with joy!

If anything they have made it more Swedish! It’s clean, fresh, calm and beautiful all in one headset. We think there is a gap for high luxury mobile VR headsets, it will just take someone to step up and fill that gap. Moggles V2 is good enough to fill it and it make it look nice at the same time. Only time will tell if it’s good enough, but looks wise it’s got it nailed.


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