Moody Wood 3D Glasses



“…it was good but not quite crazy enough.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Moody Wood 3D Glasses

  1. Works With All Google Cardboard Apps
  2. Combines Retro & Modern Technology
  3. Suitable For Lots of Phones
  4. Soft Foam Padding For Phone
  5. Works With Most Smartphones
  6. Hole For Augmented Reality
  7. Surprisingly Lightweight
  8. Double Convex Lens
  9. Easily Reparable
  10. Sturdy Design

Moody Wood 3D Glasses

Putting something made of cardboard on your face to watch or play something in virtual reality sounds like the talk of a crazy man. But someone from Moody Materials thought it was good but not quite crazy enough. So they took the original Google Cardboard design and made it out of thin plywood!

They call it Moody Wood 3D Glasses and it really is not much more than the original V1 version of Google Cardboard only made from a more solid wood. Sure it gives it a little more sturdiness, and it is surprisingly light. But when it is on your face for a while you will soon be begging for cardboard to make a comeback.

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