Nebula II

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Nebula II

  1. 98 Inch Virtual Reality Display
  2. Compatible with PC via HDMI
  3. 32 Degrees Viewing Angle
  4. TFT LCD Virtual Screen
  5. Digital Video Glasses
  6. 854 x 480 Resolution
  7. Built-In Earphones
  8. High-Quality Build
  9. Well Designed
  10. Lightweight


“…it features a massive 98 Inch Virtual Screen!”

Video glasses are normally amazing tech for an inflated price or poor tech for a few pounds. But the Nebula II is kind of in between while still costing a fair penny. It’s an HMD that is a pair of 3D Video Glasses for PC and it features a massive 98 Inch Virtual Screen! No, bearing in mind that if you brought that as a TV it would set you back 20K+ suddenly a few hundred for these glasses doesn’t seem so bad.

Sadly, after seeing the massive size screen you soon realise that this is quite short on other features to make it so affordable. With a low 854 x 480 Resolution and very basic TFT LCD Virtual Screen there are much, much better out there on the market. But what we say is don’t shoot it down for those reasons. At the end of the day most other video glasses that offer 98″ screens cost twice as much! If you saw one of these going cheap on E-Bay you could be grabbing a real bargain.


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