Novovr Unicorn VR



“…by far one of the very best…”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Novovr Unicorn VR

  1. One Of The Largest Smartphone VR Goggles
  2. Works With All Google Cardboard Apps
  3. Adjustable 3 Point Headstrap
  4. Work With Larger Smartphones
  5. Theater Level 3D Viewing
  6. Front Camera Cut Out
  7. 30mm Biconvex Lenses
  8. Foam Face Cover
  9. Magnetic Switch
  10. Adjustable IPD

Novovr Unicorn VR

We have used and played with a lot of VR headsets as you might imagine here at the VR shop, so what you are about to read will come at a bit of a shock. The Novovr Unicorn VR is by far one of the very best smartphone mounted VR headsets that you can buy in terms of value for money. Forget more expensive headsets like the Freefly VR or even the very impressive Merge VR this one does it all and makes all the VR apps look amazing.

But it’s not flawless. The foam around the face part is not as comfortable as we might have liked and the phone panel doesn’t hold is as tightly as we might have liked. But everything else gets the thumbs up. Price, FOV, adjustable aspects and it even has a magnet switch. But once you put the headset on and see just how good all the apps look you will forgive it for just about anything. While it might sound like we are being paid to say this, but we are not. It really is that good, which is just as much a surprise to us as it will be to all of you.


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