OnePlus One V2



“…updated and upgraded to be even better…”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: OnePlus One

  1. Runs All Google Cardboard Apps
  2. Works With Most Smartphones
  3. Can Be Any Colour You Have
  4. Easily Customisable
  5. Adjustable Focus
  6. Easily Reparable
  7. Adjustable IPD
  8. Strong Design
  9. 3D Printable
  10. Downloadable

OnePlus One V2

While there was nothing wrong with the original OnePlus One design it has still been updated and upgraded to be even better than the original headset.

But yet it is still a downloadable and free headset that you can print out yourself. This constantly changing design is upgradable in just about every way making it perfect for custom logo designs and front layouts. Plus, it is also a rather good headset with several adjustable elements. It also strengthens our thoughts that the future of mobile VR lays with the bedroom designer rather than the big name businesses.


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