P2 Dodocase



“…like a boxed off StarWars Tie Shuttle…”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: P2 Dodocase

  1. Universal Access Port For Touch Screen Interaction
  2. Deep Side Shields For Better Immersion
  3. Works With Smartphones Up To 6 Inches
  4. Designed & Handcrafted In California
  5. Packs Flat For Easy Carrying
  6. Works With Most Smartphones
  7. Large 37mm Bi-Convex Lenses
  8. Shape Fits All Eye Glasses
  9. Ultra Wide Field Of View
  10. 360 Degree Visibility

P2 Dodocase

Dodocase has been making corporate branded Google Cardboard headsets for quite a while and does offer some very creative printing designs. But now they have decided to go one step further and make a slightly new design on the original box shape. Looking like a boxed off StarWars Tie Shuttle, it has the shape that makes it a lot easier to grip and hold than your basic tissue box design of most Google Cardboard headsets.

Features wise it does have a unique quick fold system making it very easy to transport around, but very little else in the way of features. But that’s not bad thing because it gets the job done, it’s affordable and is just different enougth to make it stand out from the crowd. What more could you possibly want?


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