Paralo PLAY



“…affordable and fun.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Paralo PLAY

  1. Works with all Google Cardboard apps
  2. Drop-proof and water-proof
  3. High-performance silicone
  4. Unique uni-body structure
  5. Comfortable on your skin
  6. Ergonomically designed
  7. Highly accessible
  8. Choice of colours
  9. Navigation magnet
  10. Durable design

Paralo PLAY

When the co-founder of Paralo Tony was growing up he always pretended that he was a colourful character in a virtual world. He wanted to create a VR headset that was affordable and fun. And that is exactly what Paralo’s PLAY offers.

This simple but elegant phone mountable virtual reality headset is a one of a kind unibody structure meaning everything is a single, solid unit. Working with most smartphones it offers affordability, usability and durability. Provided they make the price cheap enough it could be a VR headset to keep an eye on.



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