Pinć VR



“…troubles are over now the Pinć VR headset is here.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Pinć VR

  1. Compatible With A Wide Range Of Phones
  2. Led And Infrared-equipped Finger Bands
  3. Protects The Smartphone As A Case
  4. Panoramic, Interactive Control
  5. Made Of Composite Materials
  6. 360-degree Head-tracking
  7. Side And Top Head Straps
  8. Wallet Friendly
  9. Accelerometer
  10. 3D Printable

Pinć VR

Got something cool on Google Cardboard that you want to show your friends? Well, that involves bringing along a delicate Google Cardboard headset that might get damaged along the way, then there is the pain of having to carry it or find something for it to fit into. Well, those troubles are over now the Pinć VR headset is here.

Compatible with an ever-growing list of Apple and Android smartphones it is a phone case that transforms into a virtual reality headset! While the overall VR effect and immersion are only as good as every other Google Cardboard smartphone VR it does offer a portable, and more easily accessible version of it. This innovation alone might be the reason people will buy it over ever other mobile VR headset on the market.


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Buy Now on Amazon


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