Pinch VR



“…an ultra-thin smartphone case that unfolds into a Virtual Reality headset!”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Pinch VR

  1. LED and infrared-equipped finger bands
  2. Protects the smartphone as a case
  3. Compatible with iPhone 6 only
  4. Panoramic, interactive control
  5. Made of composite materials
  6. 360-degree head-tracking
  7. Side and top head straps
  8. Wallet-friendly
  9. Accelerometer
  10. 3D printable

Pinch VR

The Pinch VR from Toronto-based Cordon Media is very much the Pinć VR which is an ultra-thin smartphone case that unfolds into a Virtual Reality headset! The Pinch element is relating to the set of controllers which are included with the device. These connected rings allow you to use your fingers to move about and “pinch” virtual apps and images hence the brand name!

The companies goal is to become the point-and-shoot camera of VR by providing the necessary optics and accessories to do just that. While at the moment this only works with an iPhone 6 more backwards compatibility is sure to follow. By taking what they have learned with the Pinć VR they might just do very well in todays VR market.


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