Qualwin Transparent (Mobile VR Headset)



“…a transparent front cover making it good for both AR and VR…”

AKA: “Fiit VR” OR “Glass VR”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Qualwin Transparent

  1. Ergonomic Weight Dispersal Head Straps
  2. Works With All Google Cardboard Apps
  3. Transparent Front Cover For AR Apps
  4. High-Quality Optical Resin Lenses
  5. Anti-Radiation and Heat Padding
  6. Supports Smartphones 4.0 – 6.5
  7. Features Seiko Technology
  8. Built From ABS Plastic
  9. Aspherical Lens Design
  10. Adjustable IPD

Qualwin Transparent

Sadly the Qualwin Transparent isn’t all transparent (which would have been cool) but it does have a transparent front cover making it good for both AR and VR despite the smartphone being inside the case with no visible hole. We have no way to confirm the companies claims, but they say this headset has taken 2 years / 17,520 hours to design and build a prototype, it has survived 102 rigorous tests and the lenses have been tested 1800+ times for perfection!

Looking at the headset itself it has a good range of features as well as being very well built. With high-quality materials for both the body and the head straps it has a very high-end feel to it. But it is that see-through front cover that will really need testing when we get our hands on one. So watch this space for a hands-on review coming very soon.


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