“…things have certainly come along for the better.”

AKA: “Riem 3”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: RITECH 3

  1. Removable Front Cover For Augmented Reality
  2. Works With Smartphones 4-6 Inches
  3. Revolutionary Lens Optimisation
  4. Strong, But Lightweight Plastic
  5. Runs All Google Cardboard Apps
  6. Adjustable 3 Point Head Strap
  7. Grips Suckers Inside Case
  8. Comfortable Face Padding
  9. Adjustable Distance View
  10. Ergonomic Design


The RITECH series of mobile VR headsets is now in its 3rd generation but does that make the RITECH 3 any better than the original headset? Well, things have certainly come along for the better. It now has a total blackout face mask meaning you get even more immersed in the VR, as well as being as light and comfortable as possible.

Most aspects of this headset are adjustable meaning it should be suitable for most people to pop straight on their face, and it has to be said the design is quite nice as well, with seagull shaped holes for phone ventilation and a removable face plate for the AR apps. We hope to get a full hands-on review soon so watch this space.


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