Sensics Public VR

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Sensics Public VR

  1. Integrates With Large-scale Tracking Systems
  2. Can Be Integrated Into Racing Helmets
  3. Supports Quick Hardware Changes
  4. Designed For Public Exhibits
  5. Works With The OSVR Project
  6. Can Be Customed Designed
  7. Allows Custom Branding
  8. Strong Durable Design
  9. Can Be Mass Produced
  10. Easily Cleanable


“…imagine our joy at discovering the news that they are releasing a public display edition…”

When it comes to VR you could write down what Sensics don’t know about it on the back of a grain of rice! With so many amazing headsets behind them (including their work the OSVR) they really do know lot, so imagine our joy at discovering the news that they are releasing a public display edition of their headset! (this is not to be confused with a consumer edition, which this headset is most certainly not). While it doesn’t really have any official name the Sensics public VR sure looks amazing.

It has a very strong, sturdy design and can be easily cleaned and wiped down making it perfect for events or multiplayer competitions. With custom design capabilities, in theory, it could look like just about anything, and also, stats wise contain whatever your needs will be. This is more about the design of the headset rather than what is inside of it. In the coming years, you will be hearing more and more from this company and they will remain a valuable player in the world of VR.


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