Shenzhen Soyan VR Headset



“…we applaud the Shenzhen Soyan VR Headset for what it can do.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Shenzhen Soyan VR Headset

  1. Special Designed For People With Glasses
  2. Works With 4.7-6 Inch Smartphones
  3. Large Lenses for 100Degrees FOV
  4. Interocular Distance Tolerance
  5. Runs All Google Cardboard Apps
  6. Sucker to Hold Phone In Place
  7. Comes With NFC SmartTag
  8. Adjustable Headstrap
  9. Foam Fixture Hole
  10. ABS Plastic

Shenzhen Soyan VR Headset

Because the Shenzhen Soyan VR Headset was designed specifically with people who wear glasses in mind, it also means it is one of the largest headsets we have ever seen in the VR shop office. It’s massive and can swallow a smartphone up to 6.2 inches in size and close its mouth! This whale of a headset is also rather heavy, but if you have a big, strong head you will hardly notice it.

Strangely it’s big size doesn’t mean it is full of features with no IPD or focus adjustment it feels a little basic at times. But getting back to it’s intended use with the intended audience it works perfectly and even people with the biggest of glasses will be able to wear this headset. This is one of those headsets that might not look anything special but does something special in allowing more and more people to have access to VR. More accessibility for everyone means a better chance of VR not fading off into the sunset like it did before. For that reason alone we applaud the Shenzhen Soyan VR Headset for what it can do.


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