Shouji 3D VR



“…there is nothing special about it, but it will get you from A-B.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Shouji 3D VR

  1. Soft Padding to Hold Phone In Place
  2. Works With 4.7-6 Inch Smartphones
  3. Large Lenses for 100Degrees FOV
  4. Runs All Google Cardboard Apps
  5. Adjustable 3 Point Headstrap
  6. Optical Quality Glass Lenses
  7. Open Gap For Headphones
  8. Soft Feel ABS Plastic
  9. Foam Face Cover
  10. Lightweight

Shouji 3D VR

While some people might get annoyed at the amount of cheap VR headsets we get to review (from around the world, not just China) but now us. We love seeing each and every one of them because in their own little way each one is different. It’s just some shine brighter than others in the ideas and innovations game. Sadly the Shouji 3D VR doesn’t have any new ideas or innovation, but we still enjoyed playing with it.

The Shouji 3D VR headset is like an old family car, there is nothing special about it, but it will get you from A-B. Deep down, that is all you need it to do! This headset costs less than a good bottle of wine and will keep you amused for hours. Being made from a soft feeling plastic, it does feel nice in the hands and the lenses are nice and big giving you a good field of view. Other than the head strap there are no adjustable elements of this headset but it doesn’t need it. It allows you to have a quick VR fix and will handle being pass around family and friends at Christmas. Job done we say!


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