Singh VR Headset



“…adapted and changed to suit just about any smartphone or tablet!”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Singh VR Headset

  1. You Can Easily Add Head & Side Straps For Support (not Included)
  2. Can Be Adapted To Suit Just About Any Smartphone Or Tablet
  3. One Of The Cheapest VR Headset In The World
  4. Works With Almost All Smartphones
  5. Hundreds Of Google Play VR Apps
  6. Perfect For Watching 3D Videos
  7. Great For A Marketing Tool
  8. A Pretty Good Experience
  9. Easily Repairable
  10. 3D Printable

Singh VR Headset

What I love about the world of mobile VR is all the bedroom designers with 3D printers making, new and sometimes innovative designs. Sadly the Singh VR Headset (Named after it’s creator and designer Gagandeep Singh) is not that innovative, but it does have a cool, new look that has not been seen before. Most 3D printable headsets are done in layers, but this prints out in 2 halves. The top half and the bottom one! Then you simply slot the two units together and you have yourself a 3D printed mobile VR headset.

The good news is this is a changeable 3D model that could (in theory anyway) be adapted and changed to suit just about any smartphone or tablet! I suppose it really depends on the size of your 3D printer. But if it does the trick then we at the VR Shop are all for it. We just need to buy a 3D printer now.

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