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“This is mobile VR marketing done the right way.”

Please note: Box weight, size and contents might not represent your own product as sometimes different sellers use their own packaging and often include extra items like controllers, wipes, cloths or other promotional materials.

Box Weight: 336 g
Box Height: 18 cm
Box Width: 9 cm
Box Length: 23 cm

Overall Packaging Presentation: This is mobile VR marketing done the right way. With a nice, colourful box that tells you not only what is inside but also what you can do with it, with a nice list of some of the very best Google Cardboard apps. I have to give credit to the way it emphasises the fact that they are free, like it is some sort of bonus you would only get with this headset. Inside of that, this headset is packed into a nice tray, but as we got ours from Ebay (2nd Hand) it was packed with Newspaper. But still, the headset is so light it shouldn’t get damaged no matter what way it is sent.

Whats in the box…

  • Headset
  • AR Hand Controller
  • Instruction Booklet

Smart Theater

First Impressions: Getting it out of the box for the first time it feels like it was made from nothing but air! It’s so light that it borders on the ridiculous. But that is what I really like about this headset, there is no guff, no extra body or weight. This headset has been designed around the quality of experience, not the way it looks. It does have to be said that because it is so light it does feel a little flimsy and might not take much more than a drop or two.

Pupil Adjustment: Yes, Independent
Focus Adjustment: Yes, Independent
Product Weight: 145 g
Overall Build Quality (1-10): 7
Magnet / Touch Button: Yes
Minimum Phone Length: 5.1″
Minimum Phone Width: 2.5″
Maximum Phone Length: 6.1″
Maximum Phone Width: 3″
Maximum Phone Thickness: 10 mm
Field Of View (FOV): 90°
Other / Extra Features: N/A
QR Code: Available

Smart Theater QR Code
Smart Theater QR Code

Features Review: While it does have independently adjustable pupil and distance adjustment, they are not the greatest of ranges, but at least it does have them. The elasticated 2-point head strap is pretty good and fully adjustable and apart from the velcro phone lock system and the screen touch button that is all the features this headset has, but then again that is all you do need!

Additional Information…

Average Price at Time of Review: £15 (USD $19.99)
Head Strap: 2 Point, Elasticated and Adjustable
Strap Quality(1-10): 8
Face Padding Type: Soft Rubber
Padding Depth: 8 mm
Nose Grove Depth: 25 mm
Nose Grove Width: 42 mm
Well Ventilated: Yes
Suitable For People With Glasses: No
Headphone and Power Lead Access: Yes
Works With Augmented Reality Apps: Yes
Lens Size: 33 mm
Lens Type: Optical Resin Lenses
Min Lens Distance: 55 mm
Max Lens Distance: 65 mm
Comfort Score (1 – 10): 8
Value For Money Score (1 – 10): 8
Range Of Colours: White, Black
Other Names: “SmartTheater VR”


Final Verdict: The Smart Theater is a very well presented mobile VR headset that is sure to be picked off the shelf and taken home by someone curious as to what mobile VR can be like. This is not a headset worth upgrading to, but it is definitely a headset I would give someone as a gift. The more of these well-presented headsets on the shelf there are, the better it will be for mobile VR as a whole. The marketing team at Smart Theater can give themselves a pat on the back, but the design team needs to go back to the drawing board and come up with something that is even better than this.

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