Top 10 Key Selling Points: SmartGoggles

  1. OLED (organic Light-Emitting Diode) Screens
  2. Run And Store Applications On The Goggles
  3. Well-balanced And Comfortable Headgear
  4. Headsets Runs Android Or Windows
  5. Head And Hand Movement Tracking
  6. Twin 1280 X 1024 Screens
  7. 60hz Video Refresh Rate
  8. On-board User Interface
  9. 1.2ghz Dual-core CPU
  10. Truly Mobile System


“This is not just any other VR system…”

One of the biggest problems with high-end VR headsets is they all rely on high-end PC’s to run them! It’s at this point SmartGoggles comes into the arena and beats them all. This is not just any other VR system it is a high-spec all-in-one system! Nothing else needed, literally the World’s first play-n-play virtual reality system.

Apparently, Sensics SmartGoggles are “to standard goggles what Smart Phones are to flip phones.” It is a computer, screen, movement sensor and gesture sensor all on one. This single headset also you do download software straight into the headset and use it! This is how all VR headsets should have been right from the start. Having the ability to control everything with your own hands is a great built-in feature that could give this amazing headset the edge.


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