SmartVR Pocket Viewer (VR Viewer)



“…comes in a sleek foldable design.”


Top 10 Key Selling Points: SmartVR Pocket Viewer

  1. Runs All Google Cardboard Apps
  2. Blocks Out Most Ambient Light
  3. Folds Down Into Pocket Size
  4. Works With Most Smartphones
  5. Removable Lens Cover
  6. Strong Durable Design
  7. Durable metal hinges
  8. 100° Field Of View
  9. Google Certified
  10. Affordable

SmartVR Pocket Viewer

DODOcase has been making good quality Google Cardboard headsets like the P2 Dodocase for a while now. But now they are stepping into the folding mobile VR game with the SmartVR Pocket Viewer. Forget the cardboard, this is made from good quality plastic and comes in a sleek foldable design. But with so many of this type already on the market can they really stand out from the crowd?

It certainly looks well made and lets in little external lighting. You simply lift the corner of the lens cover and slide cover off if you want to remove / clean them and it should work with most smartphones regardless of size. The SmartVR Pocket Viewer wants to open up VR to everyone. But is everyone ready for the SmartVR Pocket Viewer? We will find out and let you know more when we get our hands on a review headset.


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