Sony PLM-A35 Glasstron

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Sony PLM-A35 Glasstron

  1. Built-In Brightness Controls
  2. Portable Video Viewing
  3. 800×225 Resolution
  4. Resembles a 52″ TV
  5. Built-In Earphones
  6. X2 LCD Screens
  7. 5 Hour Battery
  8. Opaque Lenses
  9. S-Video Port
  10. A/V Port


“…comes with everything you would need to get it up and running.”

With a colourful front visor this pair of video glasses from sony sure looks amazing but does the technology inside of it back that plumage up? If we are honest we would say it really does! But as with all video glasses it’s not perfect. With a display that resembles a 52″ diagonal TV screen from 6 feet away its not got the biggest display but it is a rather good one. It comes with everything you would need to get it up and running.

The headset its self is very lightweight which does make watching movies easier, but not amazing due to the small screen size. With video glasses it’s all about using them for the things they work well with not what they were intended for. The Sony PLM-A35 Glasstron’s work amazing with a video recorder helping you see exactly what you are shooting. But try watching a movie or playing videogames on it and you might end up being very disappointed.


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