Sulon Cortex



“…real life augmented reality collides with state of the art virtual reality graphics…”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Sulon Cortex

  1. Gameplay Maps The Floor, Walls
  2. Best Heads-up Display At CES 2015
  3. Amazing Headset Shape And Design
  4. Combines Emerging Technologies
  5. Turns Any Room Into A Holodeck
  6. 360-degree Proximity Sensor
  7. HD 3D Cameras On The Front
  8. High-speed USB Ports
  9. Full Gesture Tracking
  10. High-Speed WIFI

Sulon Cortex

The problem with VR headsets that allow both augmented and virtual reality is they are the jack of all trades and masters of none. The virtual reality will never look as good as real life, and the real-life augmented reality looks fake overlayed on the real life! So raise the curtain on the Sulon Cortex because it creates a sort of halfway point where the real-life augmented reality collides with state of the art virtual reality graphics “Augmented Virtual Reality!” The results are quite frankly jaw-dropping.

Using the physical dimensions of the game players surroundings, it creates tailored made game content based on the user’s location! This allows consumers to fully experience a truly real and very immersive virtual experience all based on the real-world environment!


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