Top 10 Key Selling Points: Tesseract

  1. 12 Degrees Screen Rotation Adjustment
  2. Inter Pupillary Distance Adjustment
  3. Sort, Airflow Face Padding
  4. Myopic Vision Correction
  5. 1440p Per Eye Resolution
  6. Runs PC & Android Apps
  7. Movement Tracking
  8. 360 Degree Vision
  9. Angles Immersion
  10. Focus Adjustment


“…the Tesseract has lots of potential.”

In geometry terms, a tesseract is to the cube as the cube is to the square (which even today makes no sense to me at all). So let us hope the Tesseract VR headset is a little easier to understand. Designed in India, this is a full VR headset that requires a PC to power it. But sharp VR spotter amongst you will also see that it is not a specially made casing for this headset, rather good use of a Chinese mobile VR headset, but it’s what’s inside that counts and the Tesseract has lots of potential.

We do have the usual things like interpupillary and myopic adjustment as well as a very nice looking 3point adjustable head strap. But it also features lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric that should keep you dry from light sweating thanks mostly to the airflow system inside of it. As well as spacious eyepieces giving you a good field of view and immersion tilt so you can get the view just perfect. Plus black frame insertion, 1440p resolution! That is quite a list of features indeed. Let us hope Absentia VR (the company who makes it) send us one quickly because we can’t wait to do a review on it.


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