Topjoy 3D VR



“…perfect for people first stepping onto the VR road.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Topjoy 3D VR

  1. Works For People With 0 – 600° Myopia
  2. Works With All Google Cardboard Apps
  3. Foam Block To Hold Phone In Place
  4. Works With Smartphones 4 – 6″
  5. Ventilation Gaps To Cool Phone
  6. Adjustable 3-Point Head Strap
  7. High-Quality Resin Lens
  8. Strong, Durable Plastic
  9. Soft Foam Face Padding
  10. Lightweight

Topjoy 3D VR

The Topjoy 3D VR might well be a generic mobile VR headset that has been copied and renamed a thousand times, but it is still a really good quality headset that is perfect for people first stepping onto the VR road. With a small range of colours and some good features, there is nothing bad about this headset. It even works with people with who have up to 600 ° Myopia!

With adjustable focal Distance, adjustable 3-point head strap and a good quality build this is a basic but almost perfect designed headset. Sure, it could have done with an NFC button and a few more focus adjustable features, but it works well, feels good to wear and gets the job done. No matter who buy this headset, they shouldn’t have many complaints.


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