Top 10 Key Selling Points: Universe2go

  1. Shows The Constellations, Planets And Deep-Sky Objects
  2. Perfect Gift For Amateur Astronomers
  3. A Great Alternative To A Telescope
  4. Hand Grips Make Holding it Easier
  5. Like Having Your Own Observatory
  6. Augmented Reality Stargazing
  7. Well Made Design
  8. Dedicated App
  9. Easy To Use
  10. Lightweight


“Is this the future of amateur stargazing?”

Have you ever stood under the starry night sky and wondered what all the stars were up there? Or are you an amateur astronomer who has only looked into space through a telescope? Whatever the answer, Universe2go will fascinate you – because you have simply never experienced the night sky in this way before. This interactive viewer connects the real night sky with an augmented reality digital world thanks to you inserting your smartphone device into it.

There are not many augmented reality headsets that require you to use your smartphone, but this one makes very good use of it. Is this the future of amateur stargazing? Well, maybe not. But for anyone just getting into astronomy this could help increase their knowledge and grow their understanding of the universe. It’s pretty simple to use as well, just download the app from either the Apple Store or Google Play store, then insert your smartphone into the device. The easy to follow on-screen instructions make it a joy to use. It’s not going to take over the work of the telescope, but it could encourage people to learn even more about the stars and universe around them.


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