VARX Glasses



“…a retro, almost vintage style and look…”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: VARX Glasses

  1. Also Runs Augmented Reality Apps
  2. Easy Access To Headphone Ports
  3. Portable And Easy To Assemble
  4. Works With Most Smartphones
  5. Adjustable In Most Aspects
  6. Made From wood & Rubber
  7. Lighter Than It Looks
  8. Easy Access To Screen
  9. Made In Serbia
  10. Strong Design

VARX Glasses

Looking back at something like the Holmes Stereoscope, then looking forward in time to these VARX Glasses, it makes us wonder if we have moved on in the VR world at all in the last 200 years! But that is the idea of the VARX Glasses, a retro, almost vintage style and look to them. And the off thing is they work just as well as a plastic headset made today.

While not a headset as such, it works best placed on a table, but it does have all the adjustable features you might need. From independent lens focus, to distance adjustment. OK, so the little bit of rubber around the face mount is not the best it is fine for short blasts of VR fun. Certainly not the worst headset in the world, but definitely the most unusual.

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