1. Can Also Pair With Ios Devices
  2. Can Track 2 Players At Once
  3. Works With Most Smartphones
  4. Embedded Processing Units
  5. Hand And Gesture Tracking
  6. Depth Sensing Technology
  7. All Done Via Bluetooth
  8. Full Skeletal Tracking
  9. Body Tracking SDK
  10. Android-Based


“…could revolutionise the world of mobile VR forever!”

Work with GameFace Labs, the Vico VR is a wireless positional & skeletal tracking system for mobile VR. Or to put it another way, a Microsoft Kinect for a Mobile VR headset with a smartphone inside. Provided this is done well, the Vico VR could revolutionise the world of mobile VR forever! Wireless gesture control has been around for a long time now and the technology has gotten better and better to the point where it can now track the skeletal position of two players at once! Yes, this could mean a truly multi-player mobile VR game.

The motion tracking bar processes all the data inside the sensor and it is all sent via Bluetooth with minimal delay back to the smartphone to display the movement. With a range of archery, flight and fighting games already in the works this is one mobile VR accessory we will be keeping a very close eye on.


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