Virtual Reality 9D



“…said to have the world’s widest FOV.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Virtual Reality 9D

  1. Built-In High Quality Headphones
  2. Works With Xbox One, PS4 & PC
  3. USB & HDMI Connections
  4. 1080 x 1920 Resolution
  5. Build-In Magnetometer
  6. Build-In Accelerometer
  7. 125° Field Of View
  8. 60 Hz Refresh Rate
  9. Build-In Gyroscope
  10. Lightweight

Virtual Reality 9D

Apart from the stats little is known about this full virtual reality headset that is often called “Virtual Reality 9D” but on their website it is just called “Virtual Reality.” Made by a Turkish company this headset has stats that will satisfy the hardcore of VR experts and us job public gamers. The headset itself is a non-spherical optical lens design with a 720HD display. It’s also said to have the world’s widest FOV. They say it has a 125° Field Of View which would be amazing if it was true.

Update:  It seems this headset is mostly being used within VR rides located in shopping centers and things like that. While they are also available to buy and single units we will let you know more as soon as out review system gets here.

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